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The process of adoption can be a wonderful time for grandparents and stepparents. Nontraditional family structures such as these can give children the love, support and security that they need. However, whenever there is a termination and reassignment of parental rights, legal complexities will always need to be addressed.

Grandparent And Stepparent Adoptions In Arkansas

At Gramling Estes Law Firm, we represent stepparents and grandparents who seek to adopt their stepchildren or grandchildren. Our lawyers have handled many of these cases before and understand the best legal options for a wide range of circumstances.

The most common issue that creates a contested adoption is when one or more of the natural parents, or other guardian, whose consent is required, refuses to give his or her consent to the adoption. Our attorneys have substantial experience in dealing with both sides of this issue.

For example, the revised Uniform Adoption Act generally requires a natural parent's consent, however in certain cases, the consent is not required.

Some of these circumstances are:

  • When a parent has "deserted" or "abandoned" his or her child as defined by the Revised Uniform Adoption Act.
  • When a parent of a child in the custody of another, for a period of at least one year, has failed significantly without justifiable cause (i) to communicate with the child or (ii) to provide for the care and support of the child as required by law or judicial decree.

In regards to the latter, the argument becomes whether the parent "failed significantly" and "without justifiable cause" and failed to do any of the things required by the act. At Gramling Estes Law Firm, our attorneys have significant trial experience in arguing these legal issues for both the stepparent or grandparent wishing to adopt and the natural parent who is trying to retain his or her parental rights to the child.

In other circumstances, the natural parent's consent may be required under the law. In those circumstances, our attorneys will fight to establish and prove to the court that the consent to adopt is being unreasonably withheld "in a manner that is not consistent with the best interest of the child."

Fighting Against Adoption In Order To Keep Your Parental Rights

Our attorneys know that there are two sides to every story. If you face losing your parental rights because another party is petitioning to adopt your child, we can help. Our lawyers have represented parents in contested adoption matters before. We understand how to build strong arguments to stop the termination of your parental rights. Each case is different, so we encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific matter.

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