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As a parent, a child custody agreement was likely established during your divorce. In some cases, these custody agreements work until the children reach adulthood. However in many cases, a parent will face a significant change in circumstances that require a modification to the original custody agreement.

These significant (or material) changes in circumstances can vary greatly. Perhaps your children's father or mother is no longer fit to care for your kids. Or you may need to relocate for work.

Whatever your specific circumstances, the attorneys at Gramling Estes Law Firm, can help. If you face a modification issue, we are prepared to advise on your parental rights and ensure that the custody modification allows you to maintain time spent with your children.

Child Custody And Relocation

Parent relocation is one of the most common child custody modification issues in Arkansas. Our attorneys represent both custodial and noncustodial parents in these complex matters. The courts will often allow custodial parents to relocate with their children in state or to another state for valid reasons. In the event one parent is doing so merely to alienate the other parent, the court may disallow such relocation.

In determining the award of custody, the courts are to do so without regard to the sex of the parent but solely in accordance with the welfare and best interest of the child. In determining the best interest of the child, the court may also consider preferences of the child if the child is of a sufficient age and mental capacity to reason. A new development in Arkansas has been that the courts have now been directed by the legislature to "favor" joint custody.

In most cases when the move is granted, the parents will have to agree to a modified visitation schedule. When a mutual decision cannot be reached, the matter will go before a judge.

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Children are the most important people in the world to our clients. At Gramling Estes Law Firm, we understand this — we are parents too. Whether you need to instigate a relocation request or seek to defend against one, we will use our many years of experience to help ensure a result you can live with. Contact our Fayetteville custody modification lawyers to get started.

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