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Not all child custody disputes are between divorcing or unmarried parents. Many disputes involve grandparents and their rights to spend time with their grandchildren. In the past, grandparents in Arkansas had few, if any, right to see their grandchildren if an ex-son-in-law, ex-daughter-in-law or their own child prohibited it. Recently, changes to Arkansas law give grandparents a better chance of securing visitation rights, but it is still an uphill battle.

Understanding Grandparents' Rights

At Gramling Estes Law Firm, we represent clients on both sides of the grandparents' rights issue — custodial parents and grandparents. We understand that these cases are difficult for all involved. Regardless of your position, our attorneys know how to use the law to support your case.

In many instances, grandparents have an established history with the grandchildren and severing those relationships would cause the children harm. This can be especially true if the children have had regular interaction with the grandparents or if they have lived with their grandparents at any point in time.

If a grandparent was the primary caregiver for and financial supporter of the grandchild, and if the grandchild had resided with a grandparent and has a significant relationship with that grandparent, that grandparent may be entitled to court-ordered visitation. This is something our office can talk to you about and give you advice as to your rights in this state.

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