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Brain and head injuries are some of the most common yet most dangerous injuries that an accident victim can face. However, these injuries look different for each person. For some, the effects are immediate and apparent. For others, it takes time before the full extent of the injuries is known. Likewise, some brain injury victims will ultimately make a full recovery, while others may suffer residual physical, mental and psychological difficulties for the rest of their lives. What remains the same in all of these cases is the rights of victims to seek compensation when someone else's negligence caused their brain injuries.

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At Gramling Estes Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys have been helping accident victims recover compensation for many years. We have seen our clients endure significant pain and hardship due to traumatic brain injuries (TBI). So we understand that they aren't looking to hit the jackpot — they just want to be compensated fairly when someone else's negligence has caused their injuries. That is exactly what our lawyers fight for.

After suffering a brain injury, you and your family should not attempt to navigate the insurance claims process on your own. Insurance companies routinely offer less than fair settlements. Without legal guidance, you could end up with medical bills and life care expenses that you just cannot afford to pay. Our lawyers have had great success negotiating favorable settlements for our clients, but we are always prepared to advance to trial in order to secure the results that you need.

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