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Don't Settle Your Broken Bones Claim Too Soon

After an accident, many people who suffer broken bone injures are quick to settle with the insurance company. Some even do so without the help of an attorney. These are never good ideas. Many bone breaks and fractures take time to heal after setting and casting. Afterward, there may be residual issues, and the need for further medical treatment. Many people with broken bones will later face surgeries, pins or plates, and physical therapy. Some find they are now left with chronic pain. Others become susceptible to arthritis.

If you settle too early, you may be stuck with additional medical bills and extra time out of work — and no options to secure further compensation.

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When you work with Gramling Estes Law Firm, we understand the potential for these complications. We have handled bone injury cases for many years, including those resulting from car accidents and property accidents. Whether you have suffered a broken leg, arm, hip or shoulder, we know what questions to ask, what doctors to consult and how to assemble solid evidence to support your claim.

As your legal counsel, we will advise you on best options for maximizing your compensation award. We are skilled negotiators and mediators and can often resolve personal injury matters without the need for trial.

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After an accident, contact our Fayetteville lawyers for broken bones to learn more about your legal options. We will help you understand when it's best to push for settlement and when we need to wait.

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