Spinal Cord Injury

"I have a family member that has a spinal cord injury and now paralyzed. Can I get help through Social Security? Medicare? Who pays the bills while I'm trying to get the trucking company to settle? Can the medical doctors sue me personally when it is the other person's fault?" These are some of the questions we seem to answer over and over.

When an accident involves paralysis, many factors unique to this type of case arise. Medical bills mount up quickly and seem insurmountable. Problems associated with travel and disability benefits come without warning. Is a guardianship necessary? How do I act on behalf of the injured family member? What becomes more aggravating is that a responsible party will not pay these bills while a claim is pending against them. It is extremely important that you have an attorney that knows how to deal with the opposing parties insurance company, your own health insurance company, your own car insurance company, AND the doctors and hospitals. When there is an injury this serious- a spinal cord injury- you should be able to hand over ALL issues such as this to the attorney. These issues have become so complicated that it is extremely difficult for an individual to know how to deal with medical bills, doctors, and hospitals, immediately after the accident. Social Security benefits might become necessary in the blink of an eye from the carelessness of another. Insurance limitations must be understood and it becomes important that you have an attorney with experience in dealing with these issues. If your health Insurance company pays medical bills they will typically be entitled to be paid first from any settlement. Medical providers, including doctors and hospitals, often assert a lien on your claim, also to be paid ahead of the injured party. These are issues that this firm has dealt with time and time again. We can provide answers and give you the comfort of knowing how these issues can be dealt with and relieve you of this additional pressure. Not all law firms have dealt with accidents resulting in spinal cord injury- dealt with cases that resulted in paralysis. We have. The losses and problems associated are unique compared to any other type of injury. We will protect you and your family from these additional problems that often arise with such a traumatic injury.