"When my ex finally did the unthinkable and tried to take my daughter away forever to California, I did not have to think twice about who I wanted on my side. Tripp knows the law. Tripp has a moral center and compassion for his clients. Most importantly, Tripp has character. He has a firm understanding of what is right, relationships and connections within the local legal community, and the expertise to make sure children of divorced parents get a fair shake. If you are fighting for what is right, you could not do better than to have Mr. Estes by your side.

Did I mention I feel blessed to have found Mr. Estes? I mean that with all my heart."


"Tripp handled a custody suit for my mother and he was very organized, patient, concerned, and caring. He is additionally very good in the courtroom. There are a thousand lawyers in the phone book and it's confusing on who to chose but if we had it all to do over again we would chose Tripp."


"Doug - Thanks for all you do to help good people. You are a blessing to many. You helped Pati and me through the most difficult time in our lives. Your calm, positive and steady approach coupled with your inherent knowledge and wisdom kept us going and saved our business. I can't thank you enough. "

-Sincerely Jeff

Another client retained Doug for help in attaining custody of his daughter. After moving to another state and using other counsel, he called Doug to let him know how much he appreciated his help when his case was in Arkansas. He then followed up his call with the following email:

"Dear Doug, Thanks for the efficient manner in which you had handled my custody case and modifications. Your attention to detail, returning my calls, and your ability to give my case the full attention it deserved showed by securing the healthiest environment for my child. I can honestly say you are a gold standard to which all attorneys should be measured. "

-Thank you. Clarence.