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Arkansas motorcycle accident results in 2 injured and 1 dead

| Sep 29, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents

On the night of Sept. 26, one man reportedly lost control of his motorcycle while he was driving on Arkansas 12. This action resulted in the motorcycle crossing the center lane and hitting another motorcyclist and his passenger. The driver of the second motorcycle was pronounced dead at the scene, and his passenger was airlifted to a local hospital in Fayetteville, Arkansas. This was the third reported motorcycle accident in Rogers, Arkansas, within one week.

A local fire department was on the scene assisting with traffic control. Highway traffic was blocked both ways for around two hours, with traffic stretching for approximately 2.5 miles in Beaver Lake. According to the fire chief, the highway opened back up at about 7:15 p.m. The Rocky Branch Volunteer Fire Department said no questions would be answered at that time. The accident is being investigated by the Arkansas State Police Department.

The parties liable for a motorcycle accident can be difficult to determine. A personal injury attorney may be able to use the details and results of subsequent investigations to build a case against those who may be responsible for a motorcycle accident. Such events may be recorded on traffic cameras or witnessed by other motorists as well.

Although little is known about the aforementioned crash, an injured passenger still has the right to pursue litigation if they are injured. If a fatality occurs due to the negligence on another party, a family could also decide to pursue legal remedy if the evidence of error on part of another is substantial. In either situation, an attorney might be able to help.

Source: NWA Online, “One Dead, Two Critically Injured In Motorcycle Accident On Arkansas 12“, September 26, 2014

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