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Spinal injuries to motorcyclists

Arkansas is a state with a healthy mixture of rural and urban areas, and many residents choose to use motorcycles as a form of travel. However, motorcycles are an inherently riskier form of transportation than a four-wheeled enclosed vehicle filled with safety devices. One common and extremely dangerous form of harm that is often experienced on a motorcycle is a spinal injury.

Spinal injuries may be caused by any number of adverse events encountered while motorcycling. Any traumatic injury to the face, head, neck or back may cause damage to the spinal cord. Twisting too much at the middle of the body, landing on the head or falling from a great height may also cause harm. These are common occurrences in any serious motorcycle accident.

Symptoms of a spinal cord injury might include numbness and tingling in an arm or leg, weakness, paralysis, shock or a host of other issues. Trauma to the spine may be visible, as in the case of an injured individual whose head sits oddly on their neck. It is essential to immobilize the person with a suspected spinal injury and not move them at all until medical professionals can stabilize their wounds and transport them properly to treatment.

Damage to the spine is one of the most serious motorcycle injuries that can be experienced. Anyone who has suffered such a wound in a motorcycle accident may require extensive medical assistance and therapy to recover full function if they are not handicapped for life. The party or parties that were responsible for the accident should be required to pay their rightful share of the economic damages that the injured person has suffered. The assistance of an attorney can be valuable to those who would like to file a personal injury lawsuit and recover fair financial redress.

Source: Medline Plus, "Spinal injury", October 30, 2014

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