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Motorcycle accident injuries

| Feb 6, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents

As Arkansas residents may know, fatal motorcycle accidents have risen since 1999, while fatalities for occupants passenger vehicles and light trucks have decreased. In addition to the lack of external protection afforded those who ride motorcycles, riders face other issues such as the demand for meeting the skills necessary to ride safely, exposure to weather conditions and roadway problems.

Oil spills, debris or speed bumps affect a motorcyclist’s ability to maneuver the bike appropriately. Motorcycle riders may find it difficult to compensate for their lack of visibility and are easily hidden from the view of other motorists particularly at busy intersections. Notably, intersection accidents account for approximately 70 percent of collisions with motorcycles. Instability at higher speeds may be another source of accidents and occurs when the motorcycle wheels are not aligned correctly. This may be caused by a manufacturing error, and the motorcycle maker may be held accountable under a doctrine of product liability.

According to statistics, motorcycle riders have a much higher chance of dying in a crash than occupants of motor vehicles, and the chance of a motorcyclist being injured is higher. Of all accidents involving motorcycles and passenger vehicles, 66 percent are caused by a motor vehicle. Recovering damages for injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash lies in determining fault. A motorcyclist who was partly responsible may recover a portion of the damages. If the accident was the result of a manufacturing defect, an attorney may advise the injured party about the possibility of pursuing a product liability suit.

Individuals involved in motorcycle accidents may suffer serious injuries leading to medical bills and loss of income, and consulting an attorney may be beneficial. An attorney may review accident reports to establish negligence in the case and pursue a personal injury claim.

Source: FindLaw, “Motorcycle Accidents: Overview”, accessed on Feb. 3, 2015

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