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Negligence in truck accidents

| Feb 11, 2015 | Truck Accidents

Many Arkansas drivers may be familiar with large commercial trucks and tractor-trailers, which travel across the state’s highways. While many of the individuals operating such vehicles are skilled, these larger vehicles can be more complicated to drive, and in many cases, mistakes that might be negligible to individuals driving smaller cars may cause serious accidents for truck drivers.

In many cases, both a commercial driver and their employer may have been negligent when they cause an accident. Some drivers may receive compensation based on factors that might encourage them to ignore safer vehicle speeds and driver for periods that are beyond what typical risk-reducing standards. Performance expectations set by employers may also add to these dangers. Furthermore, in some cases, some driver may not have received the proper training regarding the operation of the vehicles and commonly employed safety techniques.

In addition, individuals who are operating smaller vehicles might try to abstain from certain behaviors that could increase the risk of causing an accident with a tractor-trailer. For example, actions, such as suddenly traveling into a trucks lane, attempting to pass a truck on the right-hand side and driving between two 18-wheelers might increase the chance of a collision.

However, even if a driver maintains their duty of care, the possible negligence of a truck driver or their employer may result in an accident. The costs of such crashes can be high for other drivers on the road, and many victims suffer from severe injury or die in truck accidents. Some of those damages may be covered by financial compensation that might be ordered at the end of a lawsuit filed in civil court.

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