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Damage caused by spine fractures

Car accidents in Arkansas can leave those involved with serious injuries, including fractures of the thoracic and lumbar spine. A spine fracture usually occurs when the forces involved in an accident are extremely strong; in fact, other injuries may mask a spine fracture. However, spine fractures can take a long period to heal.

The biggest symptom of a spine fracture is pain that increases when a person attempts to move. If the crash was particularly severe, a person may potentially suffer trauma to the brain, causing them to experience episodes of dizziness or unconsciousness. If their spinal cord, which is protected by the spine, also becomes injured, the person may feel numbness or be unable to control their bladder or bowels.

The two main types of treatment for all types of spine fractures include nonsurgical and surgical treatment. Nonsurgical treatments usually include using immobilizing devices, such as back braces, for a specific amount of time. Physical rehabilitation may also be used to help the person regain strength and mobility. If the spine is too unstable for this type of treatment, the injury may require surgery. Some surgeries may remove bone from the spine if the bone is putting pressure on the spinal cord. If the accident caused serious fracturing in the spine, metal rods may also be inserted through surgery.

Spine fractures are only one type of injury that can be suffered in car accidents. Other serious injuries can include damage to internal organs and traumatic brain injuries. If a driver causes an accident that results in serious harm to others, that driver may be held responsible by those that were injured. In addition to seeking compensation for their medical bills and rehabilitation, the injured may also seek compensation for their pain and suffering.

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