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Steps to take after a car accident

As some Arkansas residents may know, there are things a driver who is not at fault in an accident may want to do when an accident happens. It is essential that the driver stop and exchange information.

The type of information includes the other driver's name and address, his or her insurance company and the policy number. If there were witnesses to the motor vehicle accident, it is important to get names and telephone numbers or an address where that person lives. Gathering information might be difficult in this situation, and some insurance companies have apps that help a driver make sure he or she has what information the company might need.

The at-fault driver has to notify his or her insurance company. This might not happen, and the other driver might be better served to alert his or her own company. If police respond to the accident, a police report will be available, and getting a copy is advisable.

An insurer may be responsible for automobile repairs, medical bills or rental cars, depending on individual policies. Some companies require that authorization be given for car repairs, so checking with the insurer before agreeing to repairs helps. It is important to note that insurers are not permitted to make a driver take a vehicle to a repair shop the insurance carrier favors. One problem arises when the at-fault driver is underinsured or uninsured. In no-fault states, the amount insurance pays depends on policy limits.

When a driver is injured and faced with medical bills and lost time from work and insurance coverage is inadequate, speaking with an attorney may be helpful. The attorney may review the accident and help the injured motorist recover associated pecuniary damages associated with the accident by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

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