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Distracted driving and glancing away from the road

| May 13, 2015 | Uncategorized

Each year in Arkansas, people are seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents caused by distracted drivers. Even when drivers take their eyes off the road for a couple of seconds, that can be enough time for them to drift into another lane or fail to stop on time, colliding with others as a result.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, people should not glance away from the road any more than two seconds. Recent research conducted by Liberty Mutual, however, suggests that even a two-second glance may seriously increase the risk of an accident.

In the study, researchers used driving simulators along with eye-tracking instruments. Glances away from the road were measured. Following that portion, participants answered a survey regarding their perception of their own performance. Distracted drivers tended to rate themselves as doing quite well, seemingly unaware of the impact of distracted driving on how well they performed. When a vehicle is traveling at highway speeds of 70 miles per hour, it will travel around 200 feet in two seconds. That is enough of a distance in which an accident can occur, and people should keep their eyes on the road at all times.

Motor vehicle accidents can leave people with serious personal injuries. When those accidents are caused by a driver who is distracted or otherwise negligent, the injured victims may want to consider filing personal injury lawsuits against the responsible party with the assistance of an attorney. Plaintiffs in these lawsuits may be able to hold the distracted driver personally liable for damages that may include compensation for pain and suffering, lost income and the cost of medical care and treatment.

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