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Burns can be very harmful

| Jul 16, 2015 | Burn Injuries

As many Arkansas residents know, burns can cause significant personal damage and may happen during seasonal activities or due to an accident. Seeking treatment and knowing about the necessary steps to take after the burn occurs may lessen its harmful effects.

The extent of injuries resulting from a burn depends on the tissue damage that occurs. Burns that cover more than 20 percent of the body or ones that involve the face or genitals are considered severe burns. If the burn reaches the deeper tissues, it is referred to as a third degree burn. This type of burn may require extensive treatment since it might damage the muscles, underlying nerves and other structures.

A second-degree burn involves the layers of skin under the outer area. This may cause significant blistering and discomfort. However, unlike a third-degree burn, it does not penetrate the dermal layer. First-degree burns are surface burns and involve the outermost layer of skin. This type of burn may involve pain and reddening of the skin. It normally resolves with appropriate care.

When burns occur, early evaluation by a health care professional is recommended. This will document the extent of the resulting damage. If the burn involves deeper tissues, hospitalization may be necessary. In addition, if the negligence of another party was the cause, early documentation of the extent of the injury is advisable.

Burns can result from a variety of activities and incidents. These include boating and motor vehicle accidents, along with motorcycle mishaps and fireworks. Those who suffer burn injuries as a result of the negligent or intentional act of another may wish to speak with a personal injury attorney to see if any recourse is available to seek compensation from the responsible party.

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