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Large truck rollover accidents

| Jul 21, 2015 | Truck Accidents

Every year in Arkansas and around the country, people are injured in accidents involving large trucks carrying flammable materials. In some of those cases, the accidents happen when the truck rolls over. Across the nation, more than 1,300 cargo tanks roll over every year.

Many people have an idea that such cargo tank rollover accidents happen when the weather is poor, when the truck driver is driving on curvy roads or when a driver is speeding. Statistics demonstrate that those beliefs are not true overall. In 93 percent of rollovers, the roadway is dry at the time, and in 56 percent of them, the rollover occurs on straight roads during the daytime. Only 28 percent of the cases occur while the driver is speeding.

The factors that do cause cargo tank rollover accidents include errors on the part of the driver. In one out of five of the cases, a driver was either inattentive or drowsy just prior to the rollover accident. The condition of the vehicle also can play a role in causing these accidents, as can the size of the load the truck is carrying.

These types of commercial vehicle accidents can be especially devastating due to the size and weight of the truck and its load. In some cases, if a hazardous material is spilled, people may also be seriously injured from exposure to the substance. Those who are seriously injured in such an accident may want to seek a consultation with a personal injury attorney about the feasibility of filing a lawsuit against both the negligent truck driver as well as the company for whom the driver works. The types of damages that are often sought in such a civil action can include pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost wages.

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