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“See through” technology may reduce truck-related accidents

| Jul 6, 2015 | Truck Accidents

Motorists in Arkansas who are interested in improved safety on trucking routes may want to know more about the accident-prevention technology that has been introduced by a South Korean electronics company. Samsung has developed and tested what is being called a “safety truck” in Argentina, a country known for a high incidence of traffic accidents.

The technology essentially allows drivers of vehicles following a truck to look through it to the roadway ahead in order to determine when it is safe to pass. According to Samsung, tests indicate that the concept works and that the technology could save many lives.

A wireless camera mounted on the front grill of a truck that streams real-time video to four large screens on the rear of its trailer enables drivers traveling behind it to have the same view of the road ahead that the driver of the semi does. The safety truck reportedly mitigates the poor visibility that motorists following semi-trucks may experience and makes it safer for drivers to pass these slower-moving vehicles on two-lane highways.

Response to the accident-prevention technology in North America as not been as positive. One observer has suggested that drivers could find the concept distracting and that the technologies that are currently evolving in the area of self-driving cars might be a more viable place to expend safety efforts.

Although it is possible that the use of smart-truck technology could reduce the number of trucking accidents in the United States as well as abroad, it is unclear if the technology will be operational anytime soon. For now, those who are injured in truck collisions caused by the negligence of another driver may wish to speak with an attorney to determine the options for seeking compensation for the damages that have been sustained.

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