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Car wash chemicals endanger employees

| Sep 2, 2015 | Burn Injuries

Arkansas car owners might be interested in learning more about a recent study that discovered a series of serious injuries associated with a commonplace chemical used by truck and car washes. On. Aug 21, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a review of workers’ compensations claims from 2001 to 2013, based upon data compiled by the Washington Department of Labor and Industries. It revealed that, during that period, one employee was killed and 49 injured from hydrofluoric acid chemicals used in car wash products.

The one death was a result of ingestion, but it is unclear if that was intentional or unintentional. The chemical has been described as being insidiously toxic, but car washes use it for breaking down grime and brightening aluminum. Victims typically feel minimum pain, and delay getting treatment in an appropriate amount of time. The injuries sustained from the acid most commonly occur around the eyes, head and hands.

Employees who have had body parts soaked in the acid have delayed receiving medical attention for up to 90 minutes because there was no discomfort, burning or pain apparent immediately thereafter. Ultimately, these workers may need to be admitted to a hospital for treatment. Researchers suggested car wash businesses use alternative products that do not contain hydrofluoric acid.

Those who have been injured by chemical burns during the course of their employment may be eligible to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits could provide the necessary medical care and treatment and, in some cases, a percentage of lost wages. Many injured workers obtain the help of an attorney when preparing their claims.

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