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Road safety and running red lights

Arkansas motorists may face many dangers during their travels, including red-light running. The safety issue affects not only those who ride in vehicles but also pedestrians and bicyclists as they go about their daily business. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that crashes related to intersection issues numbered more than 2.3 million in 2008. Of these, 733,00 resulted in injury with nearly 8,000 deaths. At least 762 of these fatalities involved red-light running.

Approximately one-third of individuals have personally been acquainted with someone who has suffered an injury or died because of a motor vehicle accident involving a motorist running a red light. The majority of motorists believe that this type of intersection incident is a significant threat to the safety of others. Education and awareness campaigns might assist in reducing the number of such incidents each year. Additionally, stricter enforcement of the law could improve the situation. Communities that install cameras to provide automated enforcement related to red-light running have seen improvements, which demonstrates that these technologies may be beneficial on a larger scale.

An individual might run a red light due to issues such as being distracted or running late. In many cases, a red light is run because a driver is hurrying to get through a yellow light before it changes. A refresher course in legal requirements could be helpful for those who are ticketed for running a red light. Additionally, the use of countdown signals for pedestrians may also help motorists to better judge the time before a light changes.

An individual who has been injured in an incident involving the running of a red light could be left in a difficult state because of medical needs and lost work time. Legal support might be important for interacting with insurance companies during the recovery period. Further, a lawyer might evaluate the potential for a successful personal injury claim.

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