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Driverless cars have double the accident rates

| Dec 21, 2015 | Car Accidents

An unforeseen problem with driverless cars that might interest Arkansas motorists is they are showing twice the accident rate as other vehicle types. The cars, long touted by developers such as Google, are intended to make driving safer.

Driverless cars are programmed to follow traffic laws at all times. The problem is that by doing so, they don’t take into account the driving behavior of people on the road around them. For example, the cars will not speed with the flow of traffic on an interstate or when merging and crossing several lanes of the highway. They also will stop suddenly when they sense such things as a pedestrian on the sidewalk, even if other drivers would not do so in the same situation. This has resulted into numerous accidents when other people crash into driverless cars.

Engineers are now debating about how to address this flaw. Some believe the cars should be programmed so they will break the law when necessary to avoid accidents. Some changes have already been made to make the vehicles drive in a more humanlike manner. It is believed that accident rates will continue to increase as more driverless vehicles enter the roadways. At the same time, researchers still believe injuries will decrease because a majority of the accidents with driverless cars are minor ones.

Innovations can lead to increased safety over all, but when new technologies like driverless cars first are implemented, there are normally some bugs that need to be worked out. Many people are seriously injured in automobile accidents in the nation every year. If driverless cars can reduce the serious injury rate, that will save a significant amount of money while also helping to preserve peoples’ lives. In the meantime, when people are injured in accidents caused by another driver, they may want to meet with a personal injury lawyer to find out the remedies that may be available.

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