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Recovering from a burn injury

| Jan 20, 2016 | Burn Injuries

Burn injuries affect many people every year in Arkansas. A person who has suffered a burn injury can usually expect to experience physical pain and discomfort as they recover.

Physical pain can affect a person’s comfort level during everyday tasks, such as working, eating, sleeping and bathing. For a burn injury victim, physical pain can last months, weeks or even years. Many people report that intense itching is one of the worst physical symptoms after a burn injury.

Physical pain can also cause changes in mood. Many people report feeling anger, sadness and anxiety while recovering from a burn injury. Depression can hinder the recovery process by lowering a person’s motivation for completing rehabilitation tasks, which can lead to reduced range of motion.

The best treatment for a burn patient involves professionals from multiple different specialties, such as plastic surgery and pain management. A psychologist and physical therapist may be helpful in assisting with recovery after a burn injury, especially when the patient has suffered long-lasting effects from a severe burn, such as loss of movement or disfigurement.

Medications, such as opioid pain relievers, antidepressants and sleep medications may be prescribed to help ease pain and discomfort. Behavioral techniques such as guided relaxation and hypnosis may help some sufferers cope with the mental aspects of pain.

Some burn injury victims may be entitled to compensation, if the burn happened as a result of another person or entity’s negligence. Victims and their families may wish to talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer, as medical expenses for burn rehab can be costly. An attorney may be able to help burn victims and their families recover damages by reviewing records, contacting insurance companies, gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses and negotiating settlements.

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