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Volvo aims to eliminate fatalities in their cars by 2020

Volvo has long been a popular choice for Arkansas residents who primarily look for safety and durability when shopping for a new vehicle. The innovative Swedish car maker has been behind several automotive safety breakthroughs, including the three-point seat belt and systems designed to protect vehicle occupants in side impact collisions. Volvo has also been a leading proponent of self-driving cars, and they believe that autonomous vehicle technology and emerging accident avoidance systems could reduce the number of people killed in Volvo SUVs and cars to zero by 2020.

Research indicates that human error plays a role in most fatal car accidents, and companies like Volvo, Tesla and Google believe that autonomous vehicles could one day revolutionize road safety. However, while it may be decades before self-driving cars become commonplace on American roads, technology already available could greatly reduce the number of crashes, injuries and deaths as it becomes more widespread.

Advanced electronic safety systems protect passengers by measuring distances, keeping track of the position of surrounding cars and ensuring that vehicles do not stray into neighboring lanes or into the path of oncoming traffic. When a dangerous situation is detected, the traction, stability control and anti-lock braking systems are employed to take control of the vehicle and avoid a crash. This kind of technology is particularly effective at preventing accidents caused by distracted or drowsy drivers.

The goal to eliminate road deaths is laudable, but the dangers of human error cannot be overcome until self-driving cars become the standard. Until then, impaired, fatigued and distracted drivers may continue to cause accidents every year. Personal injury attorneys may initiate litigation on behalf of accident victims seeking compensation for their injury, loss or damage and to hold negligent motorists responsible for the consequences of their actions.

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