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April 2018 Archives

How can estate plans prepare your family for the unexpected?

It might seem as if estate plans are only necessary to preserve one’s legacy in Fayetteville. However, they can also be a source of invaluable guidance for a person’s family. People are living longer. Death is not the only event they must prepare their loved ones for. There is the possibility of them becoming ill or injured and so disabled that they can no longer manage their financial and medical affairs.

Man's tirade towards soon-to-be ex-wife caught on video

It may be easy for those that are going through a divorce in Fayetteville to get caught up in the emotion of the situation. Hurt feelings and bad blood may exist over the circumstances that ended their marriages, as well as the accusations and allegations that may arise during divorce proceedings. Still, they are counseled to try and keep a level head at all times to avoid offering the opposing sides any ammunition against them. The need to watch what divorcees put on social media has been detailed on this blog before. People in a divorce dispute may even want to be careful of what they say, as they never know who may be watching. 

Why should I watch what I post on social media about my divorce?

Many people in the Fayetteville area find divorce to be a painful process. As they look for ways to deal with their emotions, they might feel like posting information about their separation online to garner support. There is nothing wrong with using social media to stay in touch with friends and family. However, any information your post about your divorce could incite more drama and make your separation more painful and challenging than necessary, states Prevention Magazine. 

Ante-Mortem: executing your will before you have passed

If you have a substantial estate or a lot of potential heirs, there is a possibility that your last will and testament is going to be contested after you have passed. It is not very common, but it can happen. When it does, families are often ripped apart and the emotional damage can be severe.

What is a quiet title?

If you try to buy a property in Arkansas, you must make sure the property actually belongs to the seller. Should you buy a property from someone who is not the owner, it creates problems. You will likely lose your investment completely. The process of determining who officially owns the property is called, according to EasyTitle, a quiet title

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