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Man's tirade towards soon-to-be ex-wife caught on video

It may be easy for those that are going through a divorce in Fayetteville to get caught up in the emotion of the situation. Hurt feelings and bad blood may exist over the circumstances that ended their marriages, as well as the accusations and allegations that may arise during divorce proceedings. Still, they are counseled to try and keep a level head at all times to avoid offering the opposing sides any ammunition against them. The need to watch what divorcees put on social media has been detailed on this blog before. People in a divorce dispute may even want to be careful of what they say, as they never know who may be watching. 

A former U.S. senator from New York is currently learning this lesson the hard way. The man is currently embroiled in a bitter dispute with his wife over their impending divorce and child custody proceedings (the pair have been said to be estranged since 2014). While visiting his wife in the hospital after her having had neck surgery, he exploded in a profanity-laced tirade. What he did not know is that she was recording the encounter. Her attorney has already stated his intention to include the footage in their case as evidence of the man's true nature and to dispute the implications he has made of concerns over his wife's health and safety. 

People are only human, and the stress of a divorce case can be overwhelming. Still, those involved in such disputes may need to realize that their conduct is being scrutinized, and that acting in a way that some may view as inappropriate could hinder the hopes of obtaining a successful outcome to their cases. An experienced family law attorney may be a good source of advice on how to best deal with such stress. 

Source: New York Daily News "SEE IT: Al D'Amato curses at his wife while she's laid up in the hospital amid child care dispute" Keshner, Andrew and Brown, Stephen Rex, Mar. 29, 2018

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