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What is a quiet title?

| Apr 2, 2018 | Uncategorized

If you try to buy a property in Arkansas, you must make sure the property actually belongs to the seller. Should you buy a property from someone who is not the owner, it creates problems. You will likely lose your investment completely. The process of determining who officially owns the property is called, according to EasyTitle, a quiet title

In addition, when you buy a property you often need financing or insurance on the property. To get either of these, you must have a clear title where the owner is identified and any issues, such as owners that cannot be found or liens, must be taken care of before you can obtain proper ownership of the property. A quick title can help with this, too.

A quick title is a legal process that is quite helpful when there is a dispute over land ownership. It works through the courts to figure out the rightful owner, so the property can be sold free and clear. However, each quick title lawsuit will clear one specific issue. If there are more problems with the title of the property, then additional suits must be filed to clear those.

Once the lawsuit is filed, the court notifies anyone who may have ownership or some right to the property. All parties are required to respond with any objections or issues. If nobody responds or there are no issues, then the court issues a judgment to clear the title. If there are objections or issues, those must be handled before the title is cleared. This information is for education and is not legal advice. 

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