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May 2018 Archives

Can an executor try to increase an estate's value?

Estate executors that are put in charge of a person’s assets are tasked with maintaining the current value of those assets. At times an Arkansas executor might have to expend money and resources to keep those assets from deteriorating. However, is an executor obligated to actually increase the value of the assets under the executor's supervision? If the executor is not instructed to do so by the owner of the estate, it is very problematic or even illegal for the executor to take such action.

Why should I get a land survey before buying a home?

There are many things you may have to do when buying a home in Arkansas. Some of these things are required by law, such as ensuring the home has a clean title and paying all associated taxes. Others are not required but are very much recommended to avoid future hassles. One of those is getting a land survey. According to, a land survey is a detailed description of the boundaries of a property. 

Do your estate plans include long-term care plans?

Whether you have yet to start your estate plans or to review and update your plans for the season, there is a good possibility that they may not be as iron-clad as you believe. Guess what? You are not the only one. According to, at least 40 percent of seniors have left gaps in their estate plans that could leave them vulnerable in the event of incapacitation and other life-changing events. 

Is dating after a divorce possible?

Your divorce has just been finalized in Arkansas and you are ready to begin moving forward with your life. Chances are, you have had to make some important decisions regarding your future as you have worked your way through divorce proceedings. One of the decisions you may be facing is whether or not you are interested in dating and pursuing a new relationship. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make dating a positive and exciting experience even if you have just come out of a volatile marriage. 

How do I settle a property line dispute with a neighbor?

Most homeowners in Fayetteville tend to be good neighbors. Some neighbors find themselves at odds with each other over their property lines. Property line disputes are a common bone of contention for homeowners. If you and your neighbor cannot agree over whose property the fence is on, then it might be time for you to examine resolution options. 

Four steps to become the guardian of your grandchild

As a grandparent, you would do nearly anything for your grandchild. Making sure your grandchild has access to appropriate care and a place to live is the bare minimum. However, life sometimes intervenes and prevents your own children from caring for their minor child. It could be due to health issues, mental illness or other circumstances. In those cases, you may feel it is time to step in and request guardianship of your grandchild.

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