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How do I settle a property line dispute with a neighbor?

| May 6, 2018 | Uncategorized

Most homeowners in Fayetteville tend to be good neighbors. Some neighbors find themselves at odds with each other over their property lines. Property line disputes are a common bone of contention for homeowners. If you and your neighbor cannot agree over whose property the fence is on, then it might be time for you to examine resolution options. 

It is not always easy to resolve land disputes. Sometimes the misunderstanding is just that, something that is the result of confusion. Other times, it may be something more. Here are a few ways to resolve land disputes before considering litigation. 

Compare property deeds 

If you and your neighbor are still on good speaking terms, you should ask them to compare property deeds. The issue could easily be resolved if it is the result of a misunderstanding and the relevant information to clear it up is in those documents. 

Visit the tax assessor office 

If your neighbor does not want to discuss the issue, you may find the information on file at the county tax assessor’s office. If there are concerns, you can ask them for additional resources they may have available to assist you, such as getting a land survey. Your county’s tax assessment office has a permanent record of every property’s actual property lines that is in its jurisdiction, and if they have been altered due to easements and other issues. 

File a lawsuit 

Sometimes the best and only way to resolve land and property line disputes is in court. According to FindLaw, the “law of nuisance” is a legal complaint neighbors can file against the individuals whose properties they believe are causing them the loss of enjoyment and use of their land.

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