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Why should I get a land survey before buying a home?

There are many things you may have to do when buying a home in Arkansas. Some of these things are required by law, such as ensuring the home has a clean title and paying all associated taxes. Others are not required but are very much recommended to avoid future hassles. One of those is getting a land survey. According to, a land survey is a detailed description of the boundaries of a property. 

A land survey provides an in-depth and updated look at your property lines. Many land surveys for property were done long ago and are outdated. They use landmarks that have changed and are not always completely accurate. Modern surveys are done with GPS, which provides more exact measurements. 

You would want a survey for a new home to help avoid possible issues that could come up after you buy the property. A major one is property line disputes with neighbors. If a neighbor wants to argue that you are in some way encroaching on his or her property, you need proof that is not true, which a survey would provide. Also, it helps ensure taxes are accurate and you are not being overcharged. It also makes it much easier when you go to build a new structure or add on to an existing structure because you know exactly where your property lines are. 

As mentioned, you usually will not be required to get a land survey either by the law or by your lender. However, it is still a good idea to have one done if possible. This information is for education and is not legal advice. 

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