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Study finds divorce impacts a child’s scholastic achievements

It’s indisputable that a divorce can impact kids well beyond their childhood. And, while you may be aware that your child’s physical and mental health will be affected by a divorce, you may not realize the other long-term effects that the split will have – especially on their academic future. What are the educational repercussions? Are there ways to minimize the impact of the divorce on your child?

Children of divorcees face educational obstacles

A recent study indicates that a child’s education and their parents’ marital status are correlated. According to research published in the Journal of Family Studies, adults whose parents divorced at a young age are less likely to obtain professional and college degrees. The study tracked the progress of teens of divorcees from 1997 using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and it uncovered a startling trend.

Researchers analyzed a wide array of variables including race, gender, the education level of their parents and their family’s income. All in all, only 29.6 percent of the kids with divorced parents obtained a Bachelor’s Degree. In contrast, 50 percent of the adult children whose parents stayed married received such a degree. Kids of divorcees also showed lower math and reading scores and GPAs.

Increasing the chances of academic success

Of course, there are ways for kids to beat the odds and achieve academically – and you can do your part to help. If you and your ex work together, you can help to improve your child’s physical, mental and academic well-being. If you have an amicable relationship, putting aside your differences and focusing on meeting your child’s needs can increase their odds of success. Creating an effective co-parenting plan can help you to get on the same page. Keep in mind the long-term consequences of your actions in the present when doing so.

After the divorce, you are bound to face a multitude of obstacles. Ensure that your kids don’t get lost in the process and join forces with your ex to help your child excel in school.

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