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What should I do now that I pay child support?

With your Arkansas divorce complete and your child support schedule finalized, you may feel anxious about your future. If you should lose your job for any reason or encounter financial difficulty, you might miss a payment or two, which could cause your ex-spouse to go to court to have your wages confiscated to make the payments. If you ever need to renegotiate your child support, Fatherly offers you a tip that may offer you some assistance.

In the event you run into financial trouble and cannot pay child support at the level your divorce agreement stipulates, you can try to negotiate the amount down in court. What you want to do is make sure you demonstrate to the court that you have been paying expenses for your child all along. You do not want to leave your former spouse with an opening to say that you have been spending money on other pursuits.

To help prevent this from happening, be sure to retain records of every expense you have made for your child. Keep every paper receipt or, if you are not presented with a paper receipt, print it out from your computer if you are sent a receipt electronically. Any image of a receipt should be valid for your records.

Documenting expenses, in addition to proving to a court that you are spending a reasonable amount of money on your children, can also help you retain trust with your ex-spouse. If you have a strong co-parenting relationship with your former spouse, keeping your ex filled in on what you spend on the children may encourage amity and possibly prevent a conflict from breaking out in the future.

This article is not written to provide legal advice. It is only intended for educating readers on the topic of family law.

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