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November 2018 Archives

How can I find a good surveyor?

Whether you want to avoid a turf battle with your Fayetteville neighbor or need to satisfy local land ordinances, finding a good surveyor can be your best bet to properly define the boundaries of your land. But if you have no experience with professional surveyors, you should make sure that you find the best person to take a survey of your land.

Using open dialogue to discuss estate planning with your family

When you decide to start planning your estate, you may immediately begin thinking of your end-of-life desires, who you want to gift your assets to and how to organize essential documents that will identify your wishes. While all of these aspects are important, executing your plan will require the assistance of a lot of people. At Gramling Estes Law Firm, we have helped many families in Arkansas to articulate and coordinate an effective estate plan. 

How should I choose a trustee?

A trust is a great estate planning tool for people in Arkansas. When creating a trust, you’ll also need to select a trustee, which is the person responsible for overseeing your estate affairs. Because being a trustee entails a lot of responsibility, AARP offers the following advice to people looking for a reliable trustee.

Processing through the emotional storm of divorce

Arkansas couples who are getting a divorce will have numerous unique hurdles to face, both alone and together. Among those issues is an emotional journey fraught with stress, anger, anxiety, guilt, and a storm of other negative emotions. The intensity of these feelings is one of the reasons why it's important to have a method of coping.

Can you file for retroactive child support in Arkansas?

Arkansas courts award child support as a means of protecting a child of divorce from the financial impact of his or her parent's separation. The custodial parent or guardian is to use the money to pay for a child's most basic necessities, such as food, shelter and education, as well as additional luxuries that the child enjoyed during the marriage. When one party fails to fulfill his or her child support obligation, either an adult child or the parent of a minor child may file for retroactive child support.

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