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How can I find a good surveyor?

Whether you want to avoid a turf battle with your Fayetteville neighbor or need to satisfy local land ordinances, finding a good surveyor can be your best bet to properly define the boundaries of your land. But if you have no experience with professional surveyors, you should make sure that you find the best person to take a survey of your land.

Sapling recommends that you start with talking to individuals who are experienced in real estate. You might find help from your real estate attorney, or you can turn to a real estate agent or a title representative. A title company actually might be your better bet because surveys are occasionally needed for a title insurance policy.

As you start locating practicing surveyors, you should check their credentials. Usually, surveyors receive licenses by a state board. It should not be hard to see if a surveyor possesses a license that is up to date. Also, you can check for any complaints in progress against the surveyor. If a surveyor is unlicensed, you should look elsewhere.

Once you have lined up a prospective surveyor, interview the person first before committing to a project. This is a good time to have all your questions answered about what the surveyor is going to do, as well as learning what your obligations are. These are some of the questions you will likely have to ask:

  • how long the project will take
  • the requirements of the survey
  • the possible cost of the survey
  • any factors that could increase the expense

Additionally, you can ask the surveyor for references. Particularly, you want to learn about how the surveyor handled properties like your own, and it can be very informative to learn from other land owners how this surveyor performed. This is also a good time to gauge the surveyor’s level of experience.

This article is not written to provide legal advice. Its purpose is to educate readers on the subject of land disputes.

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