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Processing through the emotional storm of divorce

Arkansas couples who are getting a divorce will have numerous unique hurdles to face, both alone and together. Among those issues is an emotional journey fraught with stress, anger, anxiety, guilt, and a storm of other negative emotions. The intensity of these feelings is one of the reasons why it's important to have a method of coping.

Psychology Today has an article chronicling the personal journey of one person through divorce, and the steps taken to combat the overwhelming negative emotions associated with it. Among the tips include things like the allowance for time to simply feel, experience, and process all of those emotions. Looking forward toward the future without a lens of anxiety is another suggestion. It's suggested that a balance is struck between allowing negativity to run its course and not getting bogged down by it.

Mental Health America also points out that everyone copes differently. One person may benefit from yoga. Another may want to talk to a therapist. Yet another could prefer to take self-care days and spend some time pampering themselves while taking an emotional breather. On a whole, though, some of the suggestions that could benefit anyone include:

  • A person continuing to take care of themselves physically: in other words, keeping up with cleaning and hygiene
  • Avoiding or mediating power struggles and arguments
  • Having a support network
  • Not being self-critical

In the end, the only way for a person to know what coping strategies work best for them is through trial and error. Being able to reach the balance that works for an individual can be a life saver.

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