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Ways people can protect themselves in a dispute over land

| Dec 2, 2018 | Land Disputes

People pay a lot of money for property ownership in Arkansas and want to make sure that their neighbors observe their property lines so they can claim what is rightfully theirs. However, there are undoubtedly times when people disagree over where one property ends and the next one starts. In these situations where a land dispute arises, it is imperative that people understand how to protect themselves without compromising their integrity. 

According to educef.home, some of the most common reasons why a land dispute may occur include the following:

  • People did not use a qualified authority to regulate their property lines or their boundaries were incorrectly calculated.
  • The property was not surveyed at the time it was first sold, which has led subsequent buyers to make their own estimations of where it begins and ends. 

Immediately upon considering buying a new property, people should acquire the appropriate information that discloses essential details about their property boundaries so they can back up their claims should a property dispute ever occur. suggests that people have a verbal agreement with their neighbors that is eventually put into writing or better yet, a legal contract. They should also maintain a record of their property and all of its applicable details to provide for clarification in the case of a dispute. Finally, they should be familiar with the property regulations in their area so they can be aware of signs that their neighbors are incorrect in the assumptions that their property extends further than it does. 

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