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How can I prevent conflict over my new fence?

Setting up a new fence on your Fayetteville property is a major but rewarding construction project that can protect your yard from animals and other trespassers or provide added beauty for your home. Unfortunately, finishing up your fence may not be the end of your troubles. Your neighbor or perhaps the law could end up having issues with how your fence is constructed or placed.

If you are worried that your fence might invite some conflict with other parties, then you should consider some preliminary action before you set down a single fence post on your land. Better Homes and Gardens recommends a few crucial steps you could take prior to starting construction on your new fence.

Research Local Laws

Building a fence will require compliance with a number of local laws and regulations. Your community may have a stipulation that your fence can only be constructed a set distance from a sidewalk and your property line. You might also need a permit to build your fence. The look, substance and height of your fence could also be dictated by a homeowner association’s covenant. Gaining the relevant documents can tell you where you can and cannot place your fence.

Open Communications

Letting your neighbors know about your fencing plans can save you some conflict in the future. One or more of your neighbors might have concerns that your fence will block their view. They may also want to know what the fence will look like, since they will have to look at it every day as they step outside. Also, they might wish to confirm that your fence will not infringe on their property. Showing some openness about your plans to your neighbors allows you to address these issues early on.

Consider Appearance

How the fence looks is also important. For one thing, the rules of your community may dictate that the side of the fence that has the better appearance should face outward from the property. Generally, the more aesthetically pleasing side of a fence does not show off the rails and posts, so in all likelihood you would have to build your fence posts facing away from streets and other homes.

Also, if your fence looks ugly, your neighbor may charge you with lowering the resell value of your neighboring properties and involve outside parties, including a home owner’s association or local authorities, to get you to change your fence. You do not want to invest a lot of money into redoing your fence, so getting the right look the first time out is crucial.

Since fencing requirements take many forms, do not consider this article as legal advice. It is only meant for educational benefit.

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