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Can what you post on social media affect your divorce?

Social media has become such a normal part of most peoples' day-to-day lives that many do not think twice about what they post. If you are one of them, and if you are currently going through a divorce in Arkansas, you may want to think twice about your impulsive ways, as what you post to social media can come back to haunt you during the divorce proceedings.

According to HuffPost Life, social media can generate ample evidence for both parties of a divorce to use against one another when it comes to child support, alimony, custody and other issues. For instance, divorce judges need full and honest financial disclosure from both parties before they can make determinations regarding property or support. If you reveal information about a new job, promotion or bonus on social media but failed to reveal that same information to the court, the judge may determine you were dishonest in your financial declarations. Such a fact could hurt your position when it comes to spousal and child support and asset division.

The courts can also use your social media profile to determine if you were honest about the amount of money you make. If you reported a low income but your social media profiles boast pictures of you and a significant other taking lavish vacations, dining at extravagant restaurants and driving luxury vehicles, your former spouse can use the photos as evidence of your financial dishonesty. 

In addition to hurting the financial outcome of your divorce, what you post to social media can also hurt your child custody case. For instance, say photos surface of you and a new partner on a cruise taken on a weekend on which you supposedly had physical custody of your child. If presented with this type of evidence, a judge may decide you are unfit to be the custodial parent.

If you are going through a divorce, you can count on your former spouse and his or her attorney to comb through your profiles to find evidence to use against you in court. The best thing you can do is stay off of social media until you and your ex finalize your divorce. 

The content of this article is designed to be purely educational. It should not be taken as legal advice. 

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