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Burn Injuries Archives

Safety measures to prevent scald burns

Every year, there are people in Arkansas who are seriously injured after coming in contact with hot liquids, hot food, steam or fire. Any source of high heat can result in a scald burn, and these injuries can be very painful. To prevent scald burns, people should take safety precautions when working around sources of heat.

Burn injury victims and bone metabolism findings

Washington residents should be aware that severe burn injury can cause changes in bone metabolism. These injuries can compromise the quality and structure of the bone, leading to other serious issues. While little is known about this connection, researchers have found that elevated bone turnover causes different biomechanical alterations in the skeleton.

National Burn Awareness Week

Burn and scald injuries are the focus of National Burn Awareness week that starts on Feb. 1, 2015. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the campaign to raise awareness and promote prevention. Arkansas residents may be interested in the information provided by the American Burn Association's National Scald Prevention Campaign, including statistics and prevention recommendations.

Treating chemical burns in Arkansas

It is possible to experience a chemical burn after exposure to many different substances such as paint thinner or gasoline. Common symptoms of such a burn include redness and a burning sensation near the burn site. While these symptoms may present themselves immediately, they may not present themselves for several hours after mild exposure. In either situation, it is important to rinse the skin and remove any jewelry or clothing that may have been contaminated.

Car wash chemicals endanger employees

Arkansas car owners might be interested in learning more about a recent study that discovered a series of serious injuries associated with a commonplace chemical used by truck and car washes. On. Aug 21, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a review of workers' compensations claims from 2001 to 2013, based upon data compiled by the Washington Department of Labor and Industries. It revealed that, during that period, one employee was killed and 49 injured from hydrofluoric acid chemicals used in car wash products.

Burn injuries in Arkansas

Researchers at a medical school have developed an innovative nanotechnology that has been shown to enhance the healing process of burns. Scientists created a system that releases the biological molecule nitric oxide in combination with a healing action that helps wounds move from the inflammatory stage into the phase of wound mending that supports new tissue growth. The adoption of the new therapy by physicians and health care facilities could have a major impact on the way that burns are treated.

Burns can be very harmful

As many Arkansas residents know, burns can cause significant personal damage and may happen during seasonal activities or due to an accident. Seeking treatment and knowing about the necessary steps to take after the burn occurs may lessen its harmful effects.

Burn injuries and how they are classified

When someone suffers a burn, the severity of the injury can vary. Arkansas residents may want to understand the types of burns that can occur because serious burns need prompt medical attention. Burns range in degree from first to third, and first-degree burns are the least intense. These burns cause redness, pain and swelling but only harm the skin's outer layer.

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