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What is a right-of-way easement?

If you are a property owner in Arkansas, you may come across something called a right-of-way easement. According to Zacks, this is an arrangement where someone else can use part of your property to access his or her property. For example, if your neighbor owns a small area of land behind your house that is not accessible by a public roadway or another driveway, then he or she may be able to get a right-of-way easement that he or she can use to reach the property.

How can I prevent conflict over my new fence?

Setting up a new fence on your Fayetteville property is a major but rewarding construction project that can protect your yard from animals and other trespassers or provide added beauty for your home. Unfortunately, finishing up your fence may not be the end of your troubles. Your neighbor or perhaps the law could end up having issues with how your fence is constructed or placed.

What can I expect while working with a land surveyor?

If you have managed to find a good surveyor to determine your land boundaries, you might wonder how your professional relationship will proceed. If you are planning to build a new building, such as a garage, on your Fayetteville property, you want your land survey to go off without a hitch. The key to a successful collaboration is to understand what a surveyor is obligated to do and how surveyors conduct their work.

Ways people can protect themselves in a dispute over land

People pay a lot of money for property ownership in Arkansas and want to make sure that their neighbors observe their property lines so they can claim what is rightfully theirs. However, there are undoubtedly times when people disagree over where one property ends and the next one starts. In these situations where a land dispute arises, it is imperative that people understand how to protect themselves without compromising their integrity. 

How can I find a good surveyor?

Whether you want to avoid a turf battle with your Fayetteville neighbor or need to satisfy local land ordinances, finding a good surveyor can be your best bet to properly define the boundaries of your land. But if you have no experience with professional surveyors, you should make sure that you find the best person to take a survey of your land.

What are spite fences?

Generally, many homeowners in northwest Arkansas are not going to experience serious acrimony with their neighbors. Sometimes, however, two neighbors may come into heated conflict with each other. One of the property owners may even decide to inconvenience or annoy his fellow Arkansan by setting up a structure known as a “spite fence.”

How can I protect my property against trespassing?

Whether you own a small property on which your home sits or you own acres of land, it is your right to prevent others from coming onto your property without permission. In fact, if someone comes onto your property without getting permission from you, it is considered trespassing. To best prevent trespassing, the Arkansas Agriculture Department recommends following the posting law to help stop trespassers.

Do I have rights if my neighbor is hurting the sale of my home?

When someone buys a home in Arkansas, location is often a key consideration. Not only do people look at how close the neighborhood is to things like stores but also they check out the neighborhood itself, looking at the types of neighbors, how safe it is and other similar factors. Having a neighbor who does not take care of his or her property can take a toll when you are trying to sell because it sends a bad image of the neighborhood and could chase away potential buyers.

Does a person have a right to cross over your land?

Some Arkansas land owners may be confused if someone claims the right to cross over their land to get to a stream where they like to fish, or if a person wants to drive over the edge of their property to get to a parcel of land. Do people really have rights to use your land even though you own it? In some cases, the answer is yes. 

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