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Sleeping driver may have caused fatal truck accident

Semi-trailer trucks are a common sight on the roads of Arkansas, and motorists have good reason to be particularly vigilant in their vicinity. The thought of one of these large commercial vehicles traveling with a sleep-deprived driver behind the wheel is a terrifying one, but this is what may have caused a fatal accident in Georgia on May 19 according to authorities. A Georgia State Patrol representative said that the cause of the crash is still under investigation, but he added that a sleeping truck driver is one theory that was being considered.

Drivers should beware the roads on certain days

Arkansas residents may wish to note that some days are much more dangerous to drive than others. Statistics indicate that certain holidays, which encourage alcohol consumption and travel, can be very hazardous on the roads, and other days, like Friday the 13th, are also surprisingly unlucky.

Distracted driving and glancing away from the road

Each year in Arkansas, people are seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents caused by distracted drivers. Even when drivers take their eyes off the road for a couple of seconds, that can be enough time for them to drift into another lane or fail to stop on time, colliding with others as a result.

Driving while sleep-deprived can be dangerous

Arkansas motorists may need to recognize the risks and problems associated with drowsy driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the incidence of crashes involving drivers who are sleep-deprived imposes a significant financial and physical burden on not only the drivers themselves, but on those who are passengers in their vehicles as well as others who are on the road.

Driving in wet weather

Most Arkansas drivers know that as the weather warms up, it is more likely to rain. While the rain may potentially make the roads more dangerous to traverse, many drivers will still take to the roads despite the risk. For drivers who do drive in wet conditions, there is a number of wet weather driving tips available.

Examining the severity of a sternum fracture after a car crash

Arkansas drivers may wish to know some information about a sternum fracture, an injury that commonly results from a car accident. Due to the potential severity of the injury, care should be taken to avoid them through safety measures.

Motorcycle helmets and negligence

Arkansas residents will likely be unsurprised to learn that safety advocates recommend that motorcycle riders and passengers wear a safety helmet at all times. Studies have found that wearing a crash helmet can greatly reduce the likelihood of a traumatic brain injury, which is one of the most common injuries suffered by motorcyclists. These statistics have led lawmakers in many states to make the wearing of safety helmets by motorcyclists mandatory, but Arkansas currently allows riders who are 21 years of age or older to ride without this protection if they choose to.

Multitasking while driving is a risky habit among teens

Awareness campaigns highlighting the dangers of texting while driving have reduced the prevalence of this risky behavior among teens in Arkansas and across the country, but reports suggest that many teens don't realize that any type of multitasking behind the wheel can prove disastrous. According to a study conducted by an assistant professor at Oregon State University, texting while driving among teens has dropped to 40 percent. However, 27 percent of students surveyed reported that they change clothes, put on makeup do homework and take part in other risky behaviors while driving. Distracted driving is the leading cause of accidents among people of all ages.

Understanding negligence in a car crash

Arkansas residents might benefit from understanding more about how negligence is often defined in the event of a lawsuit resulting from a car accident. When assessing fault for the ensuing damages, local authorities operate under the theory of contributory negligence or comparative negligence. Currently, most states operate according to the comparative negligence model when assessing fault in a crash. Under the constructs of comparative liability, parties are permitted to file lawsuits against others, even if their own negligence was a contributing factor in causing the crash.

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