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Proven Arkansas Firm Assists With the Preservation & Transfer of Assets

Whatever your particular situation and goals might be, sound estate planning can give you the financial and emotional security that you deserve. Located in Fayetteville, Gramling Estes Law Firm works closely with Arkansas clients to develop a comprehensive, personalized strategy that effectively preserves and transfers assets. By preparing thorough wills, trusts and other instruments, our experienced attorneys can help ensure that your instructions regarding the distribution of your property are legally enforceable. We can also advise on strategies designed to reduce taxes, minimize expenses and spare your loved ones from potential complications during the probate process.

Thorough Attorneys Prepare Enforceable Wills, Trusts & Powers of Attorney

Without personal guidance from a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer, your intentions might not be legally enforceable. Whatever your goals might entail, we can develop a comprehensive estate planning program that draws on our experience developing:

  • Wills — Drafting a valid will enables you to control how the assets you’ve accumulated will be allocated after your death. We can work closely with you to ensure that your testamentary documents meet Arkansas legal standards and that your will serves as a fitting legacy for the people you love.

  • Trusts — Though some people only associate trusts with high wealth, these versatile legal instruments can serve a variety of purposes for anyone who owns property. Living trusts are often used by those who want to be able to access their property throughout their lifetime, then shift the ownership of those assets upon their death to loved ones outside of the probate system. Our firm can outline how a trust might help you avoid taxes, support a charitable cause, direct how your funds are used or qualify for government health benefits.

  • Power of attorney and advance medical directive documents — No matter your age or physical condition, you can never be sure when a serious medical condition will strike. A durable power of attorney document ensures that if you are incapacitated and cannot communicate, a trusted person that you designate can act as your agent to make important decisions regarding treatment and other matters if you wish. We help clients prepare these important papers as well as advance medical directives and living wills that state what type of measures you want and don’t want to be taken when you’re severely ill or injured.

  • Guardianships and conservatorships — Parents of minor children should think seriously about whom they want to raise their sons and daughters in the event that they are orphaned. Our firm handles these issues with skill and sensitivity, making sure that instructions are clear. We also assist with child and adult guardianship when someone seeks to take legal responsibility for a youth or disabled adult. You can also create a conservatorship if it is appropriate to take control of another’s financial matters.

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Throughout Northwest Arkansas, including in Benton, Madison, Carroll and Washington counties, our established attorneys provide thorough, practical assistance to help community members accomplish their estate planning goals. 

Skillful Advocates Provide Valuable Guidance for Probate Matters

Along with estate planning, our lawyers have a long history of assisting estate executors as they carry out the terms of a decedent’s will through the probate process. Whether your value of the assets in your situation only requires the completion of an affidavit or if court authorization is required, we’ll help locate assets, bring them into the estate, create a thorough inventory and distribute the property. You can also count on us for strong advocacy if a disagreement exists over the authenticity of a document or whether the terms of the will are being honored.

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Gramling Estes Law Firm handles all types of estate planning issues for Arkansans and residents of other states. Please call us or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Our office is in Fayetteville.