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When parents no longer share the same household, the Arkansas Family Support chart provides guidance on how much child support the parents should pay as if the parents were still living together with shared financial resources. While these calculations often form the basis of a child support order, numerous factors can make the determination much more complicated. The experienced attorneys at Gramling Estes Law Firm make sure that circumstances such as education expenses and healthcare costs for a special needs child are addressed, if need be. Likewise, we advocate for clients in situations where required payments are not being made, the child support rate should be modified or a noncustodial parent is intentionally earning less reported income in order to reduce the amount they owe.

Accomplished Firm Advises on Factors Used in Child Support Calculations

During a divorce, or in a situation where parents live apart, one of our seasoned family attorneys can give clients an informed perspective on the factors that can affect the child support rate, such as:

  • Income — Child support law in Arkansas has recently changed with the Revision of Arkansas Supreme Court Administrative Order No. 10. Under the new Arkansas law, the child support guidelines are now based on the Shared Income Model Developed by the Child Support Guidelines Project of the National Center for State Courts.  This Model calculates child support with a formula that uses both parents’ gross incomes to establish the amount that must be paid and assigns each parent their proportionate share as though they were still living together, sharing financial resources.  Many families find that a fair outcome requires additional expenses to be accounted for in the child support rate. We assist parents in negotiations and litigation concerning initial orders as well as modification and enforcement actions that might be required later.

  • Health insurance premiums — As health insurance premiums for a child are a significant cost, they are taken into account within the state’s child support formula. If the noncustodial parent is funding this coverage, their monthly payment is reduced.

  • Other factors — In many cases, it is appropriate to deviate from the standard calculation so that relevant expenses such as the cost of medical treatment, education, child care, sports or other outside interests are reflected in the child support rate. Courts can also consider the child’s standard of living and transportation costs if the parents live a significant distance from each other.  

Even if you suspect that your co-parent is not providing correct financial information or purposely earning less than they should, we can investigate the circumstances to help you avoid an unfair outcome. Regardless of whether you are a paying or recipient parent, we will make every legal effort to protect you and your children.

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Thorough Litigators Handle Actions Involving Requested Order Modifications

No matter what happens, you are not permitted to adjust child support payment terms on your own. However, if a paying parent’s monthly income changes by at least 20 percent or $100, you can petition the court for a modification of the child support. Reviews can also occur if the current order has been in place for at least three years. Our firm represents parents who are seeking adjustments as well as those who do not believe changes are warranted.  

Dedicated Advocates Assist With Enforcement When Payments Are Missed

Should a noncustodial parent fail to make full, timely child support payments, there are several legal methods of enforcing the court’s order. For example, a judge can direct that funds be garnished from the nonpaying parent’s wages or bank account. When obligations are missed for more than three months, driving privileges can be revoked as well. If you have not been receiving the payments you’re entitled to, waiting to take action could put you and your child at risk. We can work immediately to rectify the situation.  

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Gramling Estes Law Firm represents parents in a full range of child support matters, including modification and enforcement actions. To make an appointment for a free consultation with an experienced Arkansas family lawyer, please call us or contact us online. Our office is in Fayetteville.