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Visitation Attorneys in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Arkansas Firm Develops Schedules to Maintain Parent-Child Bonds

When parents live apart, it’s important for both to maintain healthy relationships with their children. Since 1945, Gramling Estes Law Firm in Fayetteville has helped Northwest Arkansas parents establish and enforce fair visitation terms. We take a personalized approach to each case and strive to find creative solutions to challenges caused by distance or other factors. When possible, our attorneys look to develop a parenting time schedule that both sides agree is clear and fair. If necessary, we can also handle situations involving the visitation rights of grandparents and step-parents, as well as matters where a mother or father is accused of violating their co-parent’s rights under the pertinent custody order.

Lawyers Advise on Visitation Rights Available to Grandparents

As in other custody matters, courts set visitation schedules based on what the judge believes to be in the child’s best interests. Our family attorneys can go beyond standard scheduling concerns to craft detailed parenting time plans that take into account vacations, school responsibilities and extracurricular activities. From the start, we make sure you have the information you need regarding:

  • Factors — Sons and daughters of parents who have broken up have a tough enough time as it is, so judges focus on various factors when deciding what visitation terms are proper. In addition to the child’s relationship with each parent, courts can also assess how the parents themselves get along and if they are willing to abide by the parenting plan. It’s also relevant to examine parental work obligations and the child’s preference if he or she is old enough to make a mature decision about how they spend their time.

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  • Grandparent visitation — When a parent has died or when he or she no longer resides with their child due to a divorce or separation, it can also harm a child’s relationship with their grandparents on that side of the family. If you have a significant and viable relationship with your grandchild but have been unable to see them, we will advise you of your rights under Arkansas law. 

  • Stepparent visitation — Though no specific statute mandates the rights of stepparents to see children, it might be in the best interests of a child to spend time with an adult who helped to raise them. When assessing these situations, we take a close look at the bond that exists in order to build a compelling argument for some type of visitation arrangement.    

Having practiced family law for more than seven decades in northwest Arkansas, we know how critical it is for parents to maintain frequent and meaningful contact with their sons and daughters after a divorce.

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Gramling Estes Law Firm advises Arkansas clients on visitation issues during a divorce and in other situations where parents live apart. For a free consultation, please call us or contact us online. Our office is located in Fayetteville.