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Landlord-Tenant Law
Attorneys in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Skilled Representation for a Wide Range of Rental Property Disputes

At Gramling Estes Law Firm in Fayetteville, our Arkansas attorneys understand the challenges that landlords face when trying to maximize the value of their rental properties. Whether you’re renting out an apartment, house, storefront or industrial property, one problem can threaten profitability after paying the mortgage, taxes, insurance and other expenses on their rentals. Fortunately, our property law attorneys are adept at resolving disputes. We uphold landlords’ rights, so you can enjoy the full benefit of your real estate investment.

Trustworthy Counsel for a Wide Variety of Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Many federal, state and local regulations have been passed in favor of tenants at the expense of landlords. As a result, landlords who take action themselves during disputes with renters might make a bad situation much worse. The better course is to consult a knowledgeable property attorney, who can provide advice and outline decisive legal steps you can employ to assert your rights and resolve your issues favorably. Our firm represents commercial and residential landlords in various types of disputes, including conflicts relating to:

  • Non-payment of rent

  • Unauthorized property modifications

  • Acceptable usage of the rental

  • Behavior that disturbs other tenants

  • Destruction of property

  • Illegal activity on premises

  • Liability and insurance issues

  • Violations of rules governing common areas

We instruct our clients on measures they can take to support their legal position, such as documenting lease violations as they happen, as well as steps they should refrain from taking because they violate the tenant’s rights. To obtain a positive legal result, your actions must be in line with the pertinent regulations. Our reliable advice gives you the ability to succeed in court, if necessary, as we work to deliver the outcome you seek.

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Attorneys Draft Comprehensive Leases to Minimize Potential Conflicts            

If you wish to avoid conflicts with your tenants, the best tool is a comprehensive, customized lease. Relying on someone else’s form document lease leaves you vulnerable since it was not created for your unique property and does not necessarily address your specific concerns. For residential leases, landlords should consider specific provisions for:

  • Tenant's repair and maintenance responsibilities

  • Limits on the number of occupants/overnight visitors

  • Contingencies for a tenant’s extended absence

  • Restrictions on property use

  • Conditions for owning pets

  • Assigning a sublease

  • Operating a home business

  • Landlord’s right of inspection

Lease provisions for commercial rentals are even more complex, and many provisions depend heavily on the type of business being conducted. With businesses that serve the public directly, landlords must guard against liability for accidents on the premises caused by tenant negligence. A lease must stipulate that the tenant has control over the premises and responsibility for warning visitors of all known hazards.

Whether you own a commercial or residential property, our skilled attorneys take the time to draft a lease that is specific to your circumstances, so you are protected throughout the course of the landlord-tenant relationship.

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Gramling Estes Law Firm represents commercial and residential landlords in a wide range of disputes with tenants. To schedule a free initial consultation, please call us or contact us online. Our office is conveniently located at One East Center in Fayetteville.